Basic Bath

Includes: use of tub, aprons, scrubber, professional quality shampoo, ear wipes, eye wipes, towels, nail clippers, combs, brushes, blow dryer and/or cage dryer.

Basic Bath
Small & Medium
(under 50lbs).
$14.95 + tax
Large & Extra Large $16.95 + tax
Premium Shampoos
Shed Patrol, Flea and Tick, Bright White, Oatmeal anti-itch, Sensi-skin, Citrus Plus with Insect Repellant
$2.00 + tax
Premium Conditioners
Refurbish (helps control shedding)
Coat Handler (reconditions and untangles)
$2.00 + tax
Grooming Station Rental
(Includes table, clippers, and scissors)
$5.00 + tax
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